Remembering Danny Burk
1960 - 2020

I've been interested in butterflies since the age of five. I'm fascinated by the study of wings in close-up; the colors and patterns are simply astounding. The colors you see here are authentic, not enhanced or oversaturated. Actual prints will show details down to individual scales!



Picture: Agrias amydon, Peru; hindwing detailPicture: Papilio blumei, Celebes (Indonesia); hindwingPicture: Caligo uranus, Colombia, hindwing detailPicture: Ornithoptera croesus croesus, Batjan (Indonesia), hindwing

Picture: Callicore species, Brazil, hindwing detailPicture: Speyeria idalia, North America, hindwing detailPicture: Papilio glaucus, North America, forewing detailPicture: Hypolimnas dexithea, Madagascar, hindwing detailPicture: Papilio glaucus, North America, hindwing detailPicture: Callicore sorana, Brazil, hindwing detail

Picture: Delias inexpectata, New GuineaPicture: Delias callista, New Guinea, hindwingPicture: Ornithoptera rothschildi, New Guinea, hindwingPicture: Trogonoptera brookiana albescens, Malaysia, forewingPicture: Delias klossi, New Guinea

Picture: Papilio maackii maackii, Japan, hindwingPicture: Urania riphaeus (moth), Madagascar, hindwing detailPicture: Papilio ulysses ampelius, Buru (Indonesia), forewingPicture: Delias sandawanum, Indonesia, hindwing detailPicture: Callicore species, Peru, hindwing detail

Picture: Agrias amydon, Peru, hindwing detailPicture: Cethosia, Malaysia, hindwing detailPicture: Delias joiceyi, IndonesiaPicture: Delias blanca, PhilippinesPicture: Limenitis astyanax, WisconsinPicture: Delias prouti, Buru (Indonesia)

Delias sambawana everetti, Flores (Indonesia)Picture: Agrias beatifica beata, Peru (underside)Picture: Delias eileenaePicture: Delias argenthonaEpiphora species, CamerounPicture: Bhutanitis lidderdalei

Picture: Delias bagoePicture: Brahmea wallichiPicture: Loepa oberthuriPicture: Charaxes pollux Picture: Delias hyparete auragoPicture: Stichophthalma godfreyi

Picture: Bunaeopsis zaddachiPicture: Callicore soranaPicture: Castnia psittachusPicture: Charaxes polluxPicture: Charaxes saperanusPicture: Papilio hermeli

Picture: Polyura saccoPicture: Papilio multicaudatusPicture: Papilio garamasPicture: Papilio cresphontesPicture: Eurytides marcellusPicture: Gynanisa maja

Picture: Polyura dehaaniPicture: Troides hypolitusPicture: Heliconius hecale shankiPicture: Zerynthia polyxenaPicture: brahmaea wallichi


Not butterflies, but a beetle gallery could be interesting...

Eupholus weevils