Remembering Danny Burk
1960 - 2020

Many other floral images can be found in these galleries:

My favorite flowers tend to the exotic, especially orchids, but I'm very fond of flower portraits of all types...these portraits are photographed under controlled lighting. All in the Studio Flowers gallery were all photographed with medium format equipment on Velvia 50, Velvia 100F or Provia 100F unless otherwise noted; a few were shot on 4x5 large format film.


Picture: NarcissusPicture: Cymbidium orchidPicture: Cymbidium orchidPicture: Cymbidium orchidPicture: Cymbidium orchidPicture: Dendrobium orchid

Picture: Cattleya orchidPicture: Cattleya orchidPicture: Dendrobium orchidPicture: Cymbidium orchidPicture: Paphiopedilum orchid

Picture: Phalaenopsis orchidPicture: Phalaenopsis orchidPicture: Paphiopedilum orchidPicture: Phalaenopsis orchid

Picture: Bird of Paradise flower (Strelitzia)Picture: Odontoglossum orchidPicture: DaffodilPicture: Grape HyacinthsPicture: Siberian Iris

Picture: Colorful Gerbera daisiesPicture: IrisPicture: Siberian IrisPicture: Siberian IrisPicture: Orange LilyPicture: Odontoglossum orchid

Picture: Pink Gerbera daisiesPicture: Fuschia Gerbera daisyPicture: Fuschia Gerbera daisyPicture: Gold Gerbera daisyPicture: Gold Gerbera daisy

Picture: Fuschia Gerbera daisyPicture: Odontoglossum orchidPicture: Odontoglossum orchidPicture: Odontoglossum orchidPicture: Light pink Gerbera daisy

Picture: Yellow HibiscusPicture: Ladyslipper orchid - Paphiopedilum villosumPicture: Calla Lilies on woodPicture: Oncidium orchidPicture: Bird of Paradise flower - Strelitzia regina

Picture: Phalaenopsis orchidPicture: TulipsPicture: Phalaenopsis orchidPicture: Tulips


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