I use large- or medium format cameras for the majority of my work. The vast improvement in quality over 35mm is quickly apparent, and quite honestly I don't see a good reason for a methodical and quality-conscious landscape photographer not to choose a larger format. I don't own a 35mm camera, although I do use a high-quality digital SLR for a few specialized purposes.

Some of my cameras (such as Canon EOS) have elsewhere been reviewed extensively. These reviews are easily found, and I won't bother to reiterate that information here. Instead, I'd like to provide reviews of my most-used cameras, information about them being much less common. These are cameras with which I'm comfortable and familiar, and which I enjoy using or I wouldn't continue to own them…for this latter reason, these reviews will necessarily be mostly positive. I'll give reasons why I like these cameras, and why I suggest them to others who are also interested in landscape photography. I'm enthusiastic about my choices, and will be happy to answer questions by email if you care to write.

In the following pages, I review five cameras:  Fuji GX680III, Linhof 617 S III, Fuji GX617, and Ebony SV45U2; although I haven't owned a Contax 645 in some years, I've left the review in place. Each has its time and place, which is fortunate since it's not possible to carry all of them at once! My gallery photographs each indicate the camera and lens used; in most cases, it will be one of these five.