(Photo courtesy of Andy Morrison)

Remembering Danny Burk
1960 - 2020

I'm a professional photographer living in South Bend, Indiana, which is about a 45 minute drive from the southern tip of Lake Michigan and 90 minutes east of Chicago. I'm shown above with the Fuji GX680III. I have a lot of interests, including all aspects of nature, birding, travel, classic films, and much more.

I've been interested in photography since 1973...mostly landscapes and nature subjects. For many years, I worked in large and medium formats:  4x5, 617, and 6x8. I have also used 5x7 and, on rare occasion, 8x10, but ordinarily I could obtain the highest quality necessary by using 4x5. My most-used cameras were the Ebony SV45U2, Linhof 617 S III, Fuji GX617 and Fuji GX680III, although I've also used a Canham MQC 5x7 and a Cambo 8x10.

In 2015, due to closure of my local film lab as well as ongoing back problems from carrying a lot of weight, I decided to look into a digital system when Canon announced the 50 MP 5DSR. After much testing with this camera, I was impressed with results that far surpassed previously-available digital SLR bodies, and decided to make the change. I've outfitted the camera with a full range of lenses, including many super high-quality Zeiss models. I've found that my photographic vision has encompassed many new techniques since the addition of digital format, most of which were not possible with large film formats.

After obtaining the 5DSR, I added a Sony A7RII mirrorless body. With resolution nearly as high as the 5DSR, it can do many things either inconvenient or impossible to do with the Canon, including using a huge array of lenses from other camera systems both past and present. I took to it immediately, and find myself using not only my Canon-mount Zeiss lenses, but also a further set of its own E-mount Zeiss lenses, plus many "legacy" lenses from other systems, chosen for their interesting bokeh and other visual rendering effects when used wide open. In particular, I use this setup for floral abstracts (see Bokeh Artistry), an interest that I've acquired since moving to digital capture.

Eventually I sold the Canon 5DSR, after learning that I have a great preference for mirrorless camera bodies, and replaced the A7RII with the A7RIII. Later, I added a Fuji GFX50S medium format mirrorless, which is now my primary camera, with the A7RIII being used for those occasions and specialty lenses that don't work well with the Fuji.

Finally, I've also indulged a long-standing fascination with infrared photography since I've moved to digital. With a Sony A7R converted to 850nm IR, I can capture high resolution black-and-white images in a way never possible in the past. You'll see a dedicated area for infrared among my other photo galleries here.

When time allows, I plan to create mini-reviews of lenses that I use since converting to digital capture; links will appear in the "Equipment Reviews" area. The majority of these are Zeiss lenses, as mentioned above, whose qualities align with my thoughts on what good lenses should be. I will point out that I have an enormous preference for genuine manual-focus lenses and restrict nearly all of my purchases accordingly; happily, Zeiss lenses fit this preference very well. I have a few autofocus lenses for the sole reason that equivalents aren't available as manual focus versions, but I use them only in manual mode. Likewise, I am not a zoom lens user. One might say that I treat digital cameras as mini view cameras, using traditional manual modes, tripod, slow and thoughtful composition techniques, and so on.

Please step into my galleries and have a look around. This website contains representative samples of my work.