Remembering Danny Burk
1960 - 2020


In past years, I've used large- or medium format cameras for the majority of my work. The vast improvement in quality over 35mm was quickly apparent, and I haven't owed a 35mm camera in decades. Since 2015, digital capture finally became good enough to meet my needs with the introduction of Canon's 50 MP 5DSR, and I am now using digital methods for the foreseeable future.

For the benefit of those still using larger film formats, I've retained my older equipment reviews here. These are cameras with which I'm comfortable and familiar, and which I've enjoyed using…for this latter reason, these reviews will necessarily be mostly positive. I'll give reasons why I liked these cameras, and why I suggest them to others who are also interested in landscape photography.

In the following pages, I review five cameras:  Contax 645, Fuji GX680III, Linhof 617 S III, Fuji GX617, and Ebony SV45U2. Each had its time and place, which is fortunate since it's not possible to carry all of them at once! My gallery photographs each indicate the camera and lens used.

Nowadays, my cameras are Fuji GFX50S, Sony A7RIII, and a Sony A7R that's converted to b&w infrared. After discovering the huge advantages of mirrorless when I bought an A7RII, I sold the 5DSR and can't see myself using anything but mirrorless again. One of the great benefits of mirrorless is the ability to use nearly any lens ever made via appropriate adapters. To that end, I use a wide variety of Canon-mount Zeiss and Canon lenses, Zeiss and Voigtlander E-mount lenses, and a smattering of historic and quirky lenses that I've chosen for their unique qualities, not available in lenses produced today. There are numerous reviews of the Sony cameras online, and I won't be reviewing them here. However, when time allows I plan to add mini-reviews of lenses that I especially like; these will not be technical reviews, since there are once again plenty of the latter online, but will be based on impressions and suitability for various subjects.

For some time, my primary cameras were the Sony A7R series, but I've now moved to a Fuji GFX50S medium format mirrorless for landscape and most other uses. It has a lot of features that I prefer to Sony bodies, but by far the most important for me is the native 4:3 aspect ratio, plus a wealth of other aspect ratios including panoramic. I happen to detest 3:2 ratio, and for whatever reason known only to Sony, they persist in omitting other aspect ratios from their cameras. The other major manufacturers all include 4:3, 1:1, usually 4:5, and other ratios, and presumably Sony could easily include them via a firmware update. I nearly always crop to 4:3 or shorter, and the lack of masked aspect ratios in the Sony cameras makes for difficulty in getting a precise composition. My frustration with this grew to the point that I decided to move to the GFX, and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. When time allows, I'll post review that will be linked here.