The Introduction to Large Format weekend workshop is tailored to photographers who would like to rapidly increase their learning curve in the use of large format cameras and accessories, whether already using LF equipment, or "still thinking about it". Topics covered will include cameras, lenses (including the various types of lenses and knowledge of image circles), and various accessories that are specific to large format. Camera movements such as tilt, rise/fall, and swing will be fully covered and demonstrated, including the subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences between front and back movements. Different focusing techniques and exposure compensation for closeup use will be included, as well as useful tips and a "sequence of events" that can be followed to ensure successful exposures in the field. No prior knowledge of large format equipment is required, but if you already own a camera, familiarity with its controls will be helpful.

Other topics will be included if desired by participants, such as effective metering (both spot and incident) for color and b&w film, use of loupe, binocular reflex viewer, and proper technique to mount lenses to lensboards using a spanner wrench. Of course, concepts not specific to LF exclusively can also be covered if desired by participants, such as composition, scanning, and so forth.

The Introduction to Large Format Workshop is offered on an irregular basis. If offered in 2014, it will be in the South Bend, Indiana area. Please email me if you have an interest in scheduling a session. Note that the Introduction to LF event is primarily instructional, and intensive teaching, discussion, and demonstration are the main events rather than an emphasis on bringing back that great shot!

To register for a DBP event, go to the Terms and Policies and Registration Form pages. YOU MUST SUBMIT A COMPLETED, SIGNED WAIVER along with payment and registration form to be considered enrolled in any event!

In the interest of keeping workshop prices as low as possible, please be aware that meals, accomodation, and transportation are not included in the event. Each participant will be responsible for these items and their respective costs, although DBP will be glad to provide suggestions for economical lodging. You will need to provide transportation for yourself during workshop and tour events; of course, participants may make their own arrangements for carpooling with one another if they so desire.

Each Introduction to Large Format Workshop is limited to 10 participants; cost is $295 per person. Please email at your earliest convenience to ensure that a spot is reserved for you!

If you are unable to make it to one of the regularly scheduled events, you can schedule a private tutorial session in South Bend, IN; email for more details.