I offer this page to interested parties for the purpose of listing these groups, including a bit of basic information and links to contact the appropriate persons. If you are aware of such a group, I would appreciate information forwarded to me for inclusion here. I am not affiliated with the groups listed, and cannot offer further information beyond that which you see listed here.

Midwest Large Format Photography Group  Based in Elkhart, Indiana, this group comprises members from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and nearby areas. Informal meetings at various locations for shooting, print viewing, and conversation. Coordinated by Mike Sherck; email him at msherck@aol.com or see the group website at http://www.midwestlargeformat.com for more information.

Central Florida Large Format Group - meets in the Tampa Bay area on the first Thursday of each month for dinner, discussion,  print viewings, etc. Occasional field trips and print exchanges. Contact Brian Ellis at bellis60@verizon.net for more information.

Large Format Anonymous  LFA is a collective of photographers who share a love of photography in its many incarnations and act as a sounding board for each other; sharing knowledge, resources, and insights. We started as a group of individuals meeting to foster our own creative endeavors and to further the awareness of their medium in our community. Some members focus on traditional processes and tools of the medium to create their art; others push known limits to find a vocabulary for their expression. Contact Mark Cheadle at http://www.markcheadle.com/lfa/.

Western New England LF Photographers meet periodically for shoots and guest speakers. Email Andrew Held at WNELFP@yahoo.com for more information.