A few favorite links to interesting sites...

Bacon Photography  Some great nature and landscape work from Scott Bacon

Badger Graphic Sales deals in photo equipment of many format, but is a Large Format specialist, and North America's major Ebony Camera dealer. Ask for Jeff.

Dan Borzynski my good friend Dan offers many types of nature images in both print and stock sales formats

California Pictures offers Dale Proctor's photographs of California natural areas including flowers, woodland, mountains and much more

Craig Blacklock operates Blacklock Gallery and Framing, and is the basis of comparison for photography from Minnesota and the Lake Superior area.

Brian Kennedy has an elegant site with landscape, travel, and wildlife photos from the US and Europe; be sure to check out his Greek Islands images.

Contax.ch is a site devoted to Contax camera galleries by various photographers, and hosted by Swiss photographer André Oldani

Ebony Camera  Info and specs on my favorite large-format cameras, Ebony...meticulously made in Japan from ebony and titanium

Adam Gibbs specializes in terrific images from Canada and the Pacific Northwest, including his trademark winter scenes.

Graf Photography features Mark and Lisa Graf's wonderful landscape, wildlife, and underwater photography; equally impressive is their stunning site design.

Rob Haman includes both landscape and wildlife images at his site; the majority of his landscapes are photographed in large- or medium format. Rob also offers the "Color Zone Metering System" cards...if you've taken my Introduction to Spotmetering workshop, you know that I recommend these highly!

Roy Harrington's site contains his marvelous b&w western landscapes, and his Quad Tone RIP printing system

Gordon-Tal Photographic Workshops are offered in California by Michael Gordon and Guy Tal, two excellent LF photographers who are well known to readers of Nature Photographers Network; you're sure to be pleased with their personalized assistance to your needs.

Michael Gordon is a good friend in southern California, specializing in large format landscapes of the surrounding desert region. Be sure to have a look at his magnificent collections of Joshua Tree and Desert Palm images!

Image Array is Jeri Ann Ray's site for a nice collection of landscape, flower macro, wildlife and other nature photos

Ken Cravillion Photography  Nature and landscapes from my friend Ken of Wisconsin; see his Shen-Hao review for more info on this popular camera

John Macpherson of Scotland has a lovely site with many fine landscapes

Geoff Murray has lovely landscapes of Australia and Tasmania...for the unusual and seldom-seen, be sure to take a look

Nature Photographers Network  Monthly online magazine, archive of articles, and the web's best nature photo critique forums, with many new images each day. Lots of friendly photographers offer advice and post their own work...many have their own excellent websites as well

NatureScapes is also a monthly online magazine with excellent forums and articles. It's operated by  Greg Downing, Heather Forcier, and E.J. Peiker. You'll find lots of familiar names and superb imagery.

Organic Light Photography  by Youssef Ismail offers lovely California landscape work

Charlie Peel, based in Spain, offers lovely and exotic (to North Americans!) imagery of Spanish landscape, travel, and more

Photograph America by Bob Hitchman is a terrific bi-monthly newsletter filled with Bob's location tips for best light, best color, and much more. Many of North America's major areas have been covered,  with more added regularly. There's a sample issue available online, and lists of available back issues. I've been using these guides myself for years!

Robert White  Do yourself a favor and check with Robert for great prices on camera gear...he will usually beat US prices for European-made brands by a considerable amount. Plus he is delightful in dealing, and very prompt. Tell him I sent you!

Southern Cross Galleries - Don't miss this website, operated by my friend and client Dean Tatooles.  Dean specializes in panoramic photography from exotic locations around the world.  Dean's travels have taken him across all seven continents and his clientele include businesses and individuals spanning five continents. Work from his extensive portfolio has been featured on websites and in magazines, travel brochures and other publications globally.  Dean truly has some unique imagery.  To view his extensive portfolio, visit Dean's website at http://www.southerncrossgalleries.com.  Tell him I sent you!

Steve Shames Photos - Check Steve's site for color and b&w infrared landscape and nature work from the western US, Africa, and more

Tom Grubbe Be sure to check out Tom's site - sensational rocky Pacific coast landscapes and much more, all in gorgeous light